Information Technology continues to be a fulfilling career with its many challenges, constant rapid growth and rewarding sense of accomplishment when solutions to business and social problems are crafted with technical prowess. This is the reason I’ve chosen and remained in this profession for nearly two decades (as of this writing).

I began as a programmer creating websites using JavaScript and HTML in the year 2000, but I’ve been fortunate enough to find opportunities in both Infrastructure and software development. Complex multi-site, multi-jurisdiction network deployments, Cloud solutions (IaaS, SaaS, BaaS) and custom in-house application development are encompassed in my varied IT background.

I believe in delivering value for money; not many things can match the satisfaction of having done a good day’s work before retreating home for quality family time. I’m a student of Martial arts and music, huge love for video games, but more importantly from a career perspective, I’m always learning and upgrading knowledge.

I.T is no longer a novelty, but a must-have in business and I firmly believe in staying current and maintain that zeal for learning and keeping abreast of stages in I.T. evolution and its impact on the world.